Create a Pollinator Garden

Imagine your backyard alive with colour and birdsong. The quiet hum of bees in your veggie patch. You leave the city behind as you come home and relax with the peaceful sounds of nature.

Would you like to create this experience in your garden? Do you want to enhance and protect our unique wildlife? Picture your garden: a key link in a community built wildlife corridor. A corridor connecting bushland habitat and bringing birds, butterflies and bees back to our backyards.

Three Easy Steps to create your own Pollinator Link® Garden

Pollinator Link® project is a not-for-profit social enterprise creating urban wildlife corridors by providing Water, Food and Shelter in urban backyards, balcony gardens, schoolyards and commercial properties.

When you register your Pollinator Link® Garden it becomes part of a digitally-mapped network of gardens creating urban habitat and wildlife corridors. Your Blue-banded Bee on Google Maps will join others showing the development urban wildlife habitat.

Whether you have a large backyard or a balcony garden in a unit block you can create a welcome haven for local wildlife. By registering, you are also contributing to ongoing education programs, research and development of creative options for sustainable urban wildlife habitat.