Grannies Ginger Nut Biscuits, Citizen Science and bees – 2015 National Tree Day Mt Gravatt SHS

By: Laurie Deacon


Laurie briefing National Tree Day team

6am: I am up baking Grannies Ginger Nut Biscuits. It’s exciting. It’s going to be a big day.


Hard at work spreading mulch

9am: I join Mt Gravatt State High School teacher Andrew Walsh, long time champion of environmental sustainability, and my co-coordinator for the 2015 National Tree Day event. Briefing Mt Gravatt High School students ready to start planting and mulching. Students had a chance to come down from the class rooms, throughout the day and their breaks, & participate in learning & planting.

11am: Joe Kelly Member, for Greenslopes and Cr Krista Adams, Councillor for Wishart planted a Red Cedar Toona ciliata and a Tulipwood Harpullia pendula in honour of the past history of the Mount Gravatt Conservation Reserve which up till July 1893 was designated as a railway timber reserve.

Celebrity Worm

Inspiring to see people so excited about native animals.

Citizen Science Activities on the day:

  • Celebrity Worm: even though many exciting people came to the event the real star was the earth worm. These grade 12 Geography students wanted photos with the amazing earth worm they had never really meet before!!
  • 250 Butterfly/Bird/Bee attracting plants were planted: All students from grade 10 to 12 planted, built retaining walls mulched and watered.
  • Science & Sociology & Threatened Species Summit: Our event shows we are doing good at Mt Gravatt SHS working to reverse the trend of losing native birds (even Kookaburras) in our local areas!
  • Installing signs for Butterfly, Bird Bee Corridor (Pollinator Link): We progressed getting permanent signs for the Pollinator Link installed in the green corridor. They have been made up and painted. Now the lettering will be painted on by the students.
  • Citizen Science: We had tables of science information, bee displays set up and ran a few lessons on tree planting, butterfly’s that depend on the trees and a Butterflies Quiz eg. Fact or Fiction: “Butterflies taste with their feet. Taste receptors on a butterfly’s feet help it find its host plant and locate food. A female butterfly lands on different plants, drumming the leaves with her feet to make the plant release its juices.”
  • Food: Home baked goodies and pizza made be an ex-student of the High School!

Special thanks to:
Mr Richard Usher, Principal Mt Gravatt SHS
Ms Sam Jeffs, Business Manager Mt Gravatt SHS
Sienna Harris, Griffith Mates
Ryan Jones, Newcastle University
Sheamus O’Connor, Mt Gravatt Environment Group – Pollinator Link Garden Co-Project Manager & Ecology Adviser
Len Kann, Mt Gravatt Environment Group – Native Bee Adviser/Educator

About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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