How do you get World Peace?

By: Laurie Deacon

How do you get World Peace?

Start a Pollinator Link ” garden ” in your local community park or street!

IMG_1040Eighteen local community folks come out yesterday for Fun in the Sun! Community Spirit was high. We had quite a few onlookers as well cheering us on.

Griffith Uni students joined in as a break from their many assessments. Ms Jinal and Mr Parkil Shah came as usual. Jinal is doing her PhD on City’s health and Re-vegetation. They are such an inspiration to us … hope for the future.

IMG_1042We had new children come from around the streets as well. Age range from 7 to 13 years. “We saw your sign up in Andrew’s coffee shop so we asked Mum if we could come. And you have afternoon tea as well!! We can bring mulberries from our Grandad’s tree next time we come. He planted it our street a long time ago.”

One of the children said in a conversation that their sibling usually found it difficult to make. Today they made friends at the Pollinator Link Garden! It made my day as this is a big reason why Mount Gravatt Environment Group gets out and about in the community.

Stats :

  • Eighteen bush regeneration folks.
  • 52 hours of work done for local school and community enjoyment.

Jobs done:

Weeding Cobblers Pegs, planted 50 native plants, mulching, staking and tagging plants, watering, community engagement – caring and sharing and working together for a healthy vibrant community.


Kookaburras, Rainbow Lorikeets and Noisy Miners. I have been seeing Frogmouths every few months now at evening around 8pm. I also have reports we are missing our Pheasant Coucal bird , now that the long grass is being cut around the outside of bottom oval. I have not seen him for about three years now. We hope we can get him back with re-vegetation for him to walk under.

Afternoon tea: Lots of fresh strawberries, banana cake and peppermint tea!

Happy Mental Health Month to all in our greater  community!!!

About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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1 Response to How do you get World Peace?

  1. Outstanding community engagement Laurie!
    You are certainly showing us how to hook in your local community with your flyers and signs.
    Michael Fox

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