Certified Pollinator Link Gardens Launched

Fence signBy: Michael Fox

Register your Certified Pollinator LinkTM Garden today and receive your complementary fence sign.

Imagine your backyard alive with colour and birdsong. The quiet hum of bees in your veggie patch. You leave the city behind as you come home and relax with the peaceful sounds of nature.

Australian Painted  Lady - 14 Sept 2013 close

Australian Painted Lady Vanessa kershawi

Would you like to create this experience in your garden? Do you want to enhance and protect our unique wildlife? Picture your garden: a key link in a community built wildlife corridor. A corridor connecting bushland habitat and bringing birds, butterflies and bees back to our backyards.

You can create a Certified Pollinator LinkTM Garden and be part of the solution to long term sustainability of our urban habitat. Whether you have a large backyard or a balcony garden in a unit block you can create a welcome haven for local wildlife. By Certifying, you are also contributing to ongoing education programs, research and development of creative options for sustainable urban wildlife habitat.

Bowies Flat Pollinator Link temp

Example: Bowies Flat Pollinator Link

When you register, your Certified Pollinator LinkTM Garden, will become part of a digitally-mapped network of suburban gardens contributing to a sustainable urban habitat corridor. Your one-off $20 Registration covers printing, postage and contributes to expansion of the Pollinator LinkTM project, with development of new educational material and research.

Bowie’s Flat Wetland is an initiative of Norman Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee. .

Register your Certified Pollinator LinkTMGarden today.


About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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5 Responses to Certified Pollinator Link Gardens Launched

  1. Paula Peeters says:

    What a great idea! Do I have to be in a particular part of Brisbane to register?

  2. this is so great, I love it! I hope we can link up the global community through our efforts to provide habitat for wildlife…

  3. I am looking for Pollinator Links people want to create. I used the Bowies Flat example because the Harty Street Kindergarten has asked me to do a talk. So I looked for a potential Pollinator Link from the kindergarten and named that link Bowies Flat Pollinator Link.

    Our vision is by the end of 2016 have Blue-banded Bees showing Pollinator Links all over Brisbane and perhaps Redlands, Logan and Morton. Then Queensland and Australia wide.

    There are backyard for wildlife projects around the world but the Sydney Habitat Stepping Stones http://www.habitatsteppingstones.org.au/ is the only other project that focuses on building wildlife corridors.

    Do you have a location that needs a Pollinator Link Paula?

    Michael Fox

  4. Caz O'Neill says:

    Michael! how exciting! would love to get a pollinator link running from Boondal to Tinchi Tamba and back through to Downfall Creek Bushland centre.
    Does your mapping handle that? Caz

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