Exploring Jen Bartlett’s Pollinator Link garden

By: Michael Fox

Explore Jen Bartlett’s Pollinator Link garden. Jen’s garden in Salisbury is part of the Stable Swamp Creek link creating mosaic in suburban Brisbane.

She-oak male-female

Female                 Black She-oak Allocasuarina littoralis                 Male

Black She-oak Allocasuarina littoralis are planted for gentle sound created when wind blows through the striated leaves. Female She-oaks have red flowers sprouting directly from branches and males have russet flowers on the tips of the leaves.

Native Ginger - Alpinia caerulea - flower - 29 Nov 2013

Native Ginger Alpinia caerulea

Native Ginger Alpinia caerulea creates cool microclimate for humans and frogs while provided nest making material for Leaf Cutter Bees Megachile sp.


Brown Silky Oak (White Oak) Grevillea baileyana an attractive rainforest tree from far North Queensland that is very hardy once established and a common street tree in Brisbane.



Dome Tent Spider - Cyrtophora moluccensis - 2 Jan 2018

Dome Tent Spider Cyrtophora moluccensis

Dome Tent Spider Cyrtophora moluccensis create amazing webs shaped like a circus big top.






Zig-zag Wattle Acacia macradenia the classic green and gold Australian colours, indigenous to Central Queensland but still caterpillar food for Granny’s Cloak Moth and Wattle Notodontid Moth.








Hardenbergia violacea - flower - Aug 07

Native Sarsaparilla – Hardenbergia violacea

Native Sarsaparilla Hardenbergia violacea a hardy scramblerer as ground cover or growing on a fence. It is also caterpillar food for Common Grass-blue butterflies and attracts Eastern Spinebill birds.






Fan Flower Scaevola - Living Mulch - 2 Jul 2016

Dune Fan Flower Scaevola aemula

Dune Fan Flower Scaevola aemula
are found on coastal sand dunes however they also thrive in our urban gardens creating great ground cover (Living Mulch) in hostile habitat.

Thanks to Jen for her generosity in sharing her Pollinator Link gardening experience.





About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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3 Responses to Exploring Jen Bartlett’s Pollinator Link garden

  1. Inspiring! I have a habitat garden and would love to work with my neighbours and beyond to establish some corridors and perhaps tempt some fairy wrens my way… Do you have any posts on how the Pollinator Link was established?

  2. About provides a bit of background Rowena https://pollinatorlink.org/about/
    I will email some more info.
    Michael Fox

  3. Noel H. says:

    Hello, Mike — Thank you for this very inspiring posting. I was away from Brisbane earlier this month, got back only last Thursday, and didn’t get to read this until today (Sunday).

    I must question the species-name for the Scaevola, as the Dune Fan-flower or Beach Scaevola is very likely to be Scaevola calendulacea. Scaevola aemula may just be the correct species growing in Jen’s garden. It gets a bit complicated, so I’ll put it in an email to you, quoting from the books to which I have referred. Thanks.


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