Coorparoo Urban Forest

Red-fruited Palm-lily - Cordyline rubra lowres

Red-fruited Palm-lily Cordyline rubra

By: Michael Fox

Greg Neill’s Pollinator Link garden is an urban forest nestled on the edge of one of the appropriately named Coorparoo Finger Gullies.

Greg’s garden has: Water provided with birdbaths and frog pond, Food, like the Red-fruited Palm-lily Cordyline rubra, for fruit eating birds and Shelter like the termite nest used by Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae family.

Red-fruited Palm-lily with its distinctive red fruit and its narrow format (4m height and 50cm spread) is a useful plant for narrow borders or difficult corners.

Common Crow cropped

Common Crow butterfly on Pink-flowered Doughwood

Rainbow Lorikeets Trichoglossus haematodus and Common Crow Euploea core butterflies visit to feed on nectar of the Pink-flowered Doughwood Melicope elleryana tree.


Wattle Blue - Theclinesthes miskini - 11 Jan 2018

Wattle Blue Theclinesthes miskini



Other butterflies in the garden include Wattle Blue Theclinesthes miskini and Bordered Rustic  Cupha prosope – caterpillar found.

Sightings have been uploaded to Bowerbird as part of our Pollinator Link research project. Bowerbird is a simple to use citizen science database that also feeds into the Atlas of Living Australia providing valuable information planning restoration of city Bushcare sites.

Creek Lily - Crinum pedunculatum - 11 Jan 2017 lowres

Creek Lily seed

Creek Lily Crinum pedunculatum adds to the rainforest feel of Greg’s garden and it attractive white flowers are very popular with Stingless Native Bees Tetragonula sp.

Scented Daphne Phaleria clerodendron and Giant Spear Lily Doryanthes palmeri are other species that create the rainforest habitat.

Frog Pond - 11 Jan 2018

Frog Pond



The frog pond is home to Striped Marsh Frogs Limnodynastes peroni.

Fiery Skimmer Dragonfly - Orthetrum villosovittatum

Fiery Skimmer Dragonfly Orthetrum villosovittatum






The frog pond also attracts fun species like the Fiery Skimmer Dragonfly Orthetrum villosovittatum.





Brachychiton sp

Little Kurrajong Brachychiton bidwillii

The distinctive Brachychiton species like the Little Kurrajong Brachychiton bidwillii are an interesting addition to Brisbane gardens.



Finger Lime fruit 11 Jan 2018

Finger Lime Citrus australasica

Finger Lime Citrus australasica  are indigenous to south-east Queensland and food plant for Orchard Swallowtail Papilio aegeus and Dainty Swallowtail Papilio anactus butterflies.

Finger Limes are interesting additions to your bushfood garden planting. Unlike better known oranges and lemons the juice is packaged in small capsules that look a bit like caviar and explode in your mouth as you bite down.


About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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2 Responses to Coorparoo Urban Forest

  1. Kerry Preston says:

    The frog pond looks great, especially the water plants growing in it.

    • I agree Kerry. However, I think we can learn from Greg’s experience. For example, Greg has found the reeds are taking over and perhaps should have been planted into a pot. It may be worthwhile doing a guide to setting up a pond.

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