Women dig in for the environment

20200308_160350By: Laurie Deacon

Sunday was International Women’s Day 8th March and I ran the usual Pollinator Link® bush corridor regeneration at Mount Gravatt State High School with the neighbours.

We had three wonderful young local women attend the weeding and planting. Two are mums, each with a toddler and a baby in tow.





One dad also came to set an example for his young son.







Another interesting female participant was a young lass of fourteen years, Bec Morgan who is also a School Vice Captain of Cavendish Road High Junior School and currently completing her Duke of Edinburgh Program.








Marvellous local man David has been coming for eight years now 🌱🌳🐨🌳. We had apologies from a few other folks.






So on International Women’s Day these ladies didn’t just talk … they showed us, as they gifted their precious time to our local community and the School and Nature Care. Their children do not even go to this school!




Feb MGSHS Koala

Last word from the School Koala … thanks to all, for your care of my home.




About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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1 Response to Women dig in for the environment

  1. Carel Two-Eagle says:

    Lucky you! Here in ND, all I & my people get is crappy proposals to tear up 500 acres of current habitat for houses, streets, & mini-malls. All of us neighbors are against it for various reasons. Greed being the main motivator here, the Commissioners want to ignore us. I did not get notice of the “hearing” until 30 days after it.
    As for help making our land a Prairie & Polli 1st of area.. Our ad has run for months with 0 response.

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