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Building homes for birds and bees

  By: Michael Fox Kids and mud … always a winning formula. Jake Slinger and I led a Pollinator Link® workshop for the Nature Rangers at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre yesterday. Australia has over 2,000 species of solitary native bees. Solitary bees … Continue reading

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Urban wildlife oasis

By: Michael Fox Walking into Rob Lucas’ Pollinator Link® garden is like walking into an oasis for wildlife. Shady and cool it is also an oasis calm for people. Gardens like Rob’s, support the volunteer restoration work of groups like Melrose Park … Continue reading

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Tomatoes need the Blue Banded Bee Buzz

By Sandra Tuszynska Australia has over 1500 identified native bee species. Only about 16 of these are social bees, living in extended family systems. The rest are solitary or semi-social bees and they are essential pollinators of native plants as well as food crops. … Continue reading

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Abbeville Community Garden part of Pollinator Link

By: Michael Fox Visiting Abbeville Community Garden and meeting that community was a real pleasure, not to mention the amazing chilli chutney and cheese on offer. Barbara tells me the event was organised to celebrate receiving grant from Brisbane City … Continue reading

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Cubs in Mud – Backyard Beehomes

By: Michael Fox References and Links “Seeing the kids having fun took me back to my time as a Cub and Scout Leader. Things have changed a bit since then. There are girl Cubs now and next week they are … Continue reading

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Blue Banded Bee and Crane Fly up close

By: Michael Fox Macro-photography allows us to see insects in a completely new way. Why a Blue Banded Bee? Macro-photography shows the vivid blue bands that give  this special native bee its name. Australia has over 1,500 native bees most … Continue reading

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Blue Banded Bees and Variegated Fairy Wren

a A Blue Banded Bee – Amegilla cingulata getting nectar from one of our special Bottle Brush Grass Tree – Xanthorrhoea macronema. It is particularly pleasing to photograph my first Blue Banded Bee today because I am currently writing an … Continue reading

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