Pollinator Link Display – Paten Park Native Nursery

By: Michael Fox

Pollinator Link display - 7 Feb 2017

Pollinator Link Display

I know Backyard Bee Homes are valuable Shelter for our native bees, however, I was still amazed to a prospective tenant checking out the accommodation before I even finished up setting up the Pollinator Link Display.

Pollinator Link gardens provide Water, Food and Shelter for our urban wildlife. Creating wildlife corridors and bringing a little bit of bush into backyards, balcony gardens and school grounds.

The Pollinator Link displays are available for community nurseries, events like bushcare days and Green Heart Fair or talks for kindergartens and schools.

Email: pollinatorlink@gmail.com to book display.

New tenant inspecting Bee Home - 7 Feb 2017

Prospective tenant for Bee Home

Different Bee Home designs support different solitary bee species.

  • Female Leaf Cutter and Resin bees Megachile sp. use hollows build a nest which they fill with pollen ready for when their eggs hatch in spring.
  • Blue Banded and Teddy Bear bees Amegilla sp. nest in the ground or earth banks.

Paul Ryan, Paten Park Nursery Manager tells me that a number of the holes were occupied within three hours.

Breakfast Enoggera CreekBee part of the solution.

Make a Bee Home to provide Shelter for the native bees visiting your garden.

Install a bird bath to provide Water and talk to Paul at Paten Park about plants that will provide Food for wildlife: Seed, Fruit, Nectar, Pollen plants for birds and a diversity of plants to support a range of butterflies.


About Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is restoring a unique piece of Australain native bushland only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.
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2 Responses to Pollinator Link Display – Paten Park Native Nursery

  1. Michelle Fatur says:

    Great to see u are working with Paten Park Native Nursery. They made my nest box which quickly became a home to a family of kookaburras who successfully raised two babies in it!

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