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Rail Trails

Originally posted on Queensland Stories:
“We power on, trying to sense the walls beside us, ears and eyes straining for anyone coming from the other direction. It’s like holding your breath with your eyes.” Cycling through a tunnel on the…

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Coorparoo Urban Forest

By: Michael Fox Greg Neill’s Pollinator Link garden is an urban forest nestled on the edge of one of the appropriately named Coorparoo Finger Gullies. Greg’s garden has: Water provided with birdbaths and frog pond, Food, like the Red-fruited Palm-lily Cordyline … Continue reading

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Nature’s pest control services are free

By: Michael Fox I recently found this striking Black and White Ichneumon Wasp Anacis sp. in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve. Parasitic wasps are one of nature’s valuable pest controllers attacking caterpillars that eat your vegetables. “Their larvae are either parasitic or hyperparasitic … Continue reading

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Birds visiting your garden?

Originally posted on
While doing a little laptop housekeeping this morning, I found a link to a forgotten video. It’s a taped segment from a two-day live workshop, Essential Birds and Flowers in Watercolor, hosted a couple of…

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GroNative South East Queensland

By: Michael Fox  What Pollinator Link® garden style do you want to create? Tropical/Balinese Cottage Garden Native Rainforest Birds and Butterflies Kids Garden Native Meadow Download GroNative App (South East Queensland) to: Explore Garden Styles – what do you want … Continue reading

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Young life lost on motorway on-ramp

Originally posted on Mount Gravatt Environment Group:
By: Michael Fox Healthy young male Koala “Let me know if I can help lobbying for Koala fencing or wildlife bridges. It breaks my heart to see the good work we have been…

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The Blue Banded Bee – The Farmer’s Friend

Originally posted on My Wild Australia:
I was really excited to discover some of these attractive looking bees on a cassia shrub near the house recently. I walked past it one day and I could hear an intermittent buzzing sound.…

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The Hidden Beauty of Pollination by Louie Schwartzberg

By Sandra Tuszynska Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg is passionate about nature and its hidden treasures. His film Wings of Life, was inspired by the vanishing, humble honeybee.  Take a sneak peak at what seems like a must see feature for nature lovers, as Louise describes … Continue reading

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Pollinator Link – influencing community to help wildlife

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN REPOSTED FROM Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Pollinator Link’s Mike Fox says pollinator network success has a lot to do with “influencing”. Mike was a guest speaker at our Sustainability Centre Open Day on Saturday. “Bees … Continue reading

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Get “Into Horticulture”with Calyx

By: Michael Fox Thanks to Gaye Gahler at Calyx Horticultural Services for the excellent article in the latest edition of Into Horticulture.  Visit The Queensland Gardening Pages site to find a rich deep resource of local gardening knowledge which, like any exciting garden, … Continue reading

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